Suicidal Pterosaur is a black comedy/Horror series produced by Mason Farrell Films

History Edit

Suicidal Pterosaur was at first a inside joke created by Mason Farrell about a depressed Pterosaur, however it later spun off into a series. As of now, the second installment is currently in the works. The series was first aired on April 7th, 2017.


The main synopsis of the series is Suicidal Pterosaurs lessons about how to end your life, he will teach you how to do any kinds of things that will kill you. However, another dinosaur will appear and try to save Suicidal Pterosaur, which ends in that dinosaur dying. Suicidal Pterosaur will sometimes accidently (secretly) murder other dinosaurs will trying to kill himself, which reveals his pysho nature.


  • Suicidal Pterosaur 1
  • Suicidal Pterosaur 2: Cutting
  • Suicidal Pterosaur 3: Hanging
  • Suicidal Pterosaur 4: Decpitation
  • Suicidal Pterosaur 5: Soul


  • The series was originally concenved as a Lost Nick Jr. Pilot for a TV show.
  • Each installment gets darker and darker over time.
  • The first episode originally had the entire soundtrack as acapella (That sounds horrible at that) preformed by Mason Farrell, later this would be replaced by a actual soundtrack.